Wednesday, 3 December 2014

rTMS Can Change Life of People in Depression

Mental problems and especially depression is a life threatening problem that can cause huge risks not only to the person suffering from the problem, but other family members also. Timely treatment of this problem is very important. One of the treatments gaining popularity due to its huge benefits is rTMS treatment. Find out how it can cure mentally ill patients.

A perfect treatment which every patient suffering from psychiatric problems finds best is rTMS. Repetitive trans-cranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) has gained immense popularity in India. As we all know there are very limited treatments available for mental diseases and some of these are either very painful or less effective. In such an environment, rTMS has evolved as a boon. This latest technology has perfectly replaced the treatments, which included heavy medication and conventional Electro Shock therapy (ECT) that is very painful.

The very first use of magnetic therapy for the treatment of brain problems was reported in 1975 and till then there have been a number of improvements in the devices as well as therapy process. With extensive research manufacturers have come up with advanced Magnet therapy for neurological problems. This therapy is successfully used for treatment of depression, OCD, BAD mania, Parkinson’s disease and schizophrenia. The major feature of this therapy is no need of using anesthesia, which affects many patients with high side-effects.

A brief introduction of rTMS:

This technology has emerged as an influencing practice to improve brain conditions. Designed on pulsed magnetic fields, these machines are now available in different varieties with different effects. This has been proved by the experts that rTMS treatment is effective in curing mental illness also. This is a non-invasive and safe technique. No use of medications make is completely safe as patients don’t have to bother about the side-effects.

The therapy is based on the use of magnetic field, where a weak current is induced in the part of the brain causing depression. This is not less than a miracle for the patients who didn’t feel any improvement from antidepressant medications. The effects of the therapy can be felt in just a few sittings. One sitting of the therapy lasts for around 30-40 minutes.

rTMS in the treatment of mental illness

Mental illness results in strange behavior of the patient due to reaction of particular brain regions. To treat some major mental problem, rTMS treatment has made its space in India. The therapy modifies the nerve cells which do not work properly. The only point to consider is that the therapy can be used only for the diseases in which functional causes can be recognized.

The therapy is now available in India also. Many rTMS treatment centers have been opened in many cities in India including Delhi, Mumbai and Pune, among others. 

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